Green Infra Wind Power ProjectGreen Infra Wind Power ProjectGreen Infra Wind Power Project
Green Infra Wind Power Project

Green Infra Wind Power Project

This Project covers the installation of 10 wind turbines with 1500kW capacity each. The objective of the 15 MW wind power project is to generate electricity from a non-polluting source, wind energy, in the state of Rajasthan. The project provides clean electricity for supplying to the respective state electricity grids.
Project ID: 9651
Wind Farm

Project Time-lapse

The image shows satellite imagery over the Green Infra Wind Power Project over the past 6 years. You can see the 4 white dots in the centre part of the image, left of the water in the bottom right, which are 4 of the 10 Vensys wind turbines installed as part of this renewable energy project.

If you click through the Project Location link above, you will see the a closer image of the wind farm via google maps.
Project Time-lapse

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