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Crow Lake Wind ProjectCrow Lake Wind ProjectCrow Lake Wind Project
Crow Lake Wind Project

Crow Lake Wind Project

The Crow Lake wind farm is spread over 36,000 acres and comprises 108 turbines, with BEPC owning 100 turbines, South Dakotan Wind Partners owning 7 turbines, and MTI owning 1 turbine. The project harnesses the wind to power homes with clean electricity, displacing energy generated from fossil fuel power plants. The Crow Lake Wind project provides an innovative model for community-based renewable energy projects that bring together the skills and resources of multiple parties for a common goal.
Project ID: CLWF
Wind Farm

South Dakota is a state that is rapidly embracing renewable energy sources. With vast amounts of land and abundant wind resources, the state is a hub for wind energy projects. In fact, South Dakota is ranked sixth in the nation for installed wind capacity per capita. The state's largest wind farm, the Crow Lake Wind Project, spans over 36,000 acres and comprises 108 turbines, delivering clean electricity to homes and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel power plants.

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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 interconnected goals established by the United Nations in 2015. The SDGs provide a comprehensive framework for addressing the world's most pressing economic, social, and environmental challenges.

Global impact groups play a crucial role in supporting the SDGs by creating mechanisms to mobilise resources, collaborate with stakeholders, and drive collective action toward achieving the goals. These groups have the capacity to leverage their expertise and resources to make a significant positive impact.
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