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The Leisure CollectiveThe Leisure CollectiveThe Leisure Collective
The Leisure Collective

The Leisure Collective

The Leisure Collective owns and distributes quality brands inspired by coastal and outdoor lifestyles. Our focus is on top quality eyewear, surf hardware and travel towels that are premium, durable and sustainable.

Born in the rugged, wave-rich and beautiful region of Western Australia, these brands have developed into globally recognised businesses with an undying passion for building high-quality, premium products that look as good as they perform.

The planet isn’t just our home, it’s our playground. Every one of our brands has thriving in the outdoors at its heart. Because of this, we have a duty of care to do as little harm as we can to the environment, play a role in protecting it, and go about our business that respects the people and animals we share the earth with.

This isn’t lip service, nor is it a statement of perfection. We must actively work every day to do what we can, where we can as fast as we can.

Our efforts are guided by policies in three interconnected areas.

As a small, privately held business, we pride ourselves on the company culture we’ve been building since 1972. We believe that the strength of our business is fundamentally about the people who contribute to it every day.

Although we work hard and pursue results passionately, we remain focused on our mantra to “Enjoy the Ride”.